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COME ON BABY - an ambigous offer

a project by fleischlin/meser

Anja Meser and Beatrice Fleischlin set out to crack the codes which man uses to present himself in daily life. COME ON BABY could have been a piece about the staging of masculinity. Instead, it became a stage flirt - an evening about identity and presentation.

COME ON BABY is Anja, Beatrice, Klaus/Klaudia, Ringo - and a lustful plea for an existence between the categories. COME ON BABY wants to discover, touch and entertain. COME ON BABY balances between dangerously naïve and extremely beloved. COME ON BABY is serious. But not exclusively!


COME ON BABY was conceived as performative research, from the street to a stage show. The two performers develop a show for two oscillating stage identities which manage to irritate the viewer expecting the usual presentation of gender, in a charming way.

In the first part of COME ON BABY we unfold a multi-faceted range of bodily states, through the imitation and modulation of gender-specific codes of behavior observed in daily life. This exploration of various modes of reading and perceiving gender identity allows us to approach - not without a critical and ironic distance - the supposedly natural model of two sexes. In the second part, we shape two dazzling stage identities from this basic material, in a performative process of refinement: RINGO and KLAUS/KLAUDIA. These two ambiguous figures enchant their audience with a sparkling, bizarre stage show.

Mixed creatures appear: the diva with the male voice, her feminine partner Ringo with inflatable pugs on a leash, and finally, double creatures: both performers wear a divided costume - one part is a black suit and the other a long red evening dress - and when they dance with each other, we see two couples or one, forcing together the identity of man and woman. It is precisely executed and the effect is highly entertaining. It’s a great game. For, as we see, one can play with gender identities (too): easily and cheerfully.

Basellandschaftliche Zeitung 11. Februar 2011


During the development of COME ON BABY our basic assumption was that in daily life, men are constantly playing men’s roles and women, therefore, play women’s roles. Our interest as performers is aimed at the exploration of the culturally encoded means men use to portray themselves as men and women as women. But mostly, we are curious about the possibilities of alienation which we are able to produce by mixing the gender-specific codes. Can we create such a confusing interplay of male and female attributions that the result is a titillating, irritating ambiguity?

The result ist COME ON BABY: Just like life in its best moments: a little show with music and dance and handmade effects and a little bit of kitsch and enchantment.

Conzept/Performance Beatrice Fleischlin, Anja Meser
Technical Management/Light Wolfram Sander
Dramaturgical Escort Maria Fuchs, Anna K. Becker
Costume Luzia Fleischlin
Training Prügelei Lukas Schmocker
Composition Georgij Modestov
Best Girls Katja und Elisabeth Hehle
Fotografie Wolfram Sander, Mike T.
Artistic Directors fleischlin/meser
Aufführungsrechte schaefersphilippen.de
Special Thanks to Philippe für supportinmanyways!

Co-produktion Südpol Luzern und Tanztage Berlin 2010

Funded by Kulturförderung des Kanton Luzern, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Migros Kulturprozent, Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art, Theaterhaus Gessnerallee Zürich und Pro Helvetia, Schweizer Kulturstiftung.

Contact: fleischlin/meser, maschenka@gmx.ch


»   04.,05.01.2010 Try-out, TanzTage, Sophiensaele, Berlin

»   17.06.2010 Try-out-Vorstellung, Unithea, Frankfurt (Oder)

»   20.08.2010 Showing (Residenz), P3, Gessnerallee, Zürich

»   07.01.2011 PREMIERE Südpol, Luzern

»   08.,12.,13.01.2011 Südpol, Luzern

»   09.02.2011 TanzTage, Kaserne, Basel

»   03.,04.03.2011 Zeitgenössische Schweizer TanzTage, Tojo, Bern

»   29.,30.04.2011 Theaterhaus Gessnerallee, Zürich

»   14.05.2011 Tanzfest Zürich, Migros, Zürich

»   10.09.2011 Festival der Freien Theater bestOFFstyria, Graz

»   14.,15.12.2011 Sophiensaele, Berlin

»   10.06.2012 ZAP-Festival Kaserne, BASEL

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