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a project by fleischlin/meser/oberholzer

There is something that undoes the order that we have struggled with our whole lives. A moment that dissolves all. It will occur eventually. And, there is someone who is responsible for that: Death! This - Death – who will click a finger and we are gone! We should banish him, exile him to where he belongs to: to the times when the earth was still a vale of tears. Now, we’re in paradise; we are contemporary and we know how to present ourselves. We sing and dance and make jokes. NO! We are not going to die! At any rate, not at somebody else’s bidding. And should he come along, the unknown, then we will hang on to the bucket and ---

After COME ON BABY, Anja Meser and Beatrice Fleischlin, again, are joining forces to develop this new piece. For their work, they will employ many forms and elements including those of theater, dance and magic. They intend to challenge the inevitability of death with charm and sly humor! For the first time they will be working with singer and actress Marlen Oberholzer, who, with her overwhelming mezzo-soprano voice, has been known, among others, for her part in the musical “Alperose”.


He meets everyone, but nobody wants anything to do with him – Death. In central Europe, two out of a hundred people die within their own four walls – everybody else in a hospital or in a retirement home. Many people have never seen a dead body, let alone touched one.

In the past, sickness and death were an integral part of every day life. Illnesses were cured at home. And, if there was no cure, people died at home. Members of the family cared themselves for the dead: they washed, dressed, laid him on the bier and eventually put him in the casket. Death was nothing secret or private. Everybody, from the earliest childhood, experienced death and dying. It was taken for granted that someone would be buried and mourned in decency. And both had their place in every day life. Death and Dying were part of life.

Anything that has to do with transience has become to be a secret in a society, where beauty, energy and youth are the basic arguments for success or failure. How are you today? I feel gorgeous.

Nobody wants to die. Even less if you are full of vibrance, living the best of lives. When death comes into the picture, and he will eventually, you react helplessly and in panic. The unstained self-confidence you struggled to establish for a lifetime turns to dust. There are very few things that touch us more than encounters with death. There are very few things that are as hidden away from society as aging and dying. Death itself is almost invisible, as if we have to be ashamed of him.

So, life becomes a line of argument against decay. A fight, a competition, a dive for something. Look, how I live, intensely and nicely! Look, how many ideas I have and with how much energy I can defend them! Look, how I invent stuff! Look, how good I am, better than others! Look, how beautiful I am, how fast and how tall! If we stopped to prove our existence, death would sneak up on us with a bug full of maggots. He would pour the maggots over our heads and end everything at a blow.

The perfomers Beatrice Fleischlin and Anja Meser and the singer Marlen Oberholzer busy themselves with death and dying. They have created Drop Dead Gorgeous! an evening of laughter and tears. A homage to life and it’s finiteness.

Performance Beatrice Fleischlin, Anja Meser, Marlen Oberholzer
Musical composition/training Stefan Haas
Technical Management/Light Marie Zahir
Dramaturgical Escort Andy Tobler
Costumes Luzia Fleischlin
Production Eva Heller
Brass-Arrangement Stefan Mens
Fotografie Marco Sieber, Gregor Brändli
Artistic Directors fleischlin/meser
Special Thanks to Elisabeth Bürgler, Christoph Steinmann, Bernhard Siebert, Filip, Mama Fleischlin, Mama Meser, Familie Heller, Eva Garcia Alarcon, Regina Meier, Anastasia Katsidis, Café Salü Luzern, Lora Sommer, Valeria Züger, Felix Lisske und Florian Liechti, Christian Joller, Katelijon Hehle, Jenny Galway
Co-produktion Kaserne Basel, Südpol Luzern, Gessnerallee Zürich

Funded by Fachausschuss Theater & Tanz BS/BL, Migros Kulturprozent, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Nestlé pour l‘Art, GGG Basel, Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung, Pro Helvetia - Schweizer Kulturstiftung, Kulturförderung des Kanton Luzerns

Contact: Eva Heller, hello.eva.hello@gmail.com

Performance Dates:

»   9., 10., 11., 13., 14.01,2013, Kaserne Basel

»   17., 18., 19.01.2013, Südpol Luzern

»   21., 22., 23.03.2013, Gessnerallee Zürich

»   16., 17.05.2013, Sophiensæle Berlin

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